220v Power Inverter 1.5KW low voltage to mains


This Power Inverter converts 12V or 24V DC from your battery or car to 220v AC (mains voltage) for using all your normal household appliances. It can provide a peak power of 3000 Watts (3KW) however for continuous use it is rated at 1500 Watts (1.5KW)

It’s perfect for interfacing with our wind turbines or solar power by connecting to your battery which is charged using green energy from the turbine or solar panel.

Can also be used while camping or stuck in a remote location without mains power. It comes with cables to connect directly to a battery. Digital readout gives you the input and output voltage readings.

Please note this device can only be used with resistive appliances. Large inductive loads can damage the circuitry




  • Digital display, DC 12V/24V input, AC 220V out.
  • Built in protections short circuit,overload,overheat,low voltage and over voltage. keep your devices and car safe.
  • Built-in cooling fan for span life and safety use.
  • Smart size, light and compatible,lower noise and no pollution.
  • This inverter is used for changing 12 DC into 220v AC.
  • Application: mini electric grinders, mini electric tools, DVD, Phone Charging, fans, lighting and so on.


  • Type: Car Power Inverter
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Power: 3000W peak 1500W continuous
  • Size: 30cm x 15cm x 7cm
  • Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Digital display: input / output voltage
  • Output voltage: AC 220
  • Plug: Universal
  • No-load current: < 0.9A
  • Conversion efficiency: greater than 93%
  • Protection function: overload, over temperature, high voltage, low voltage, reverse connection and short circuit, intelligent temperature control, can be used for small power appliances (except inductive load electric appliances and motor products).
  • Scope of application: Household electrical appliances, etc.

    Package Includes:

1*User manual

Additional information

Choose 12V or 24V

Input 12 volts DC, Input 24 volts DC