12V or 24V Wind Turbine 800W with MPPT Controller


Domestic wind turbine suitable for off grid applications. It comes in two voltage options 12v and 24v. This turbine comes with an MPPT controller that controls the battery charging process automatically.
Once the wind turbine starts spinning above 1.3 m/s the controller starts charging your battery and once the battery is fully charged the charge controller prevents it from being overcharged which effectively keeps both the battery and turbine safe.

Conventional charge controllers need the turbine voltage to be above that of the battery voltage to allow charging to commence. This meant the turbine did not charge the battery at low wind speeds.
Our MPPT controller through electronic circuitry increases the turbine voltage above the battery voltage thus allowing charging to commence even at low wind speeds >1.3m/s.
This increases greatly the turbine efficiency.

We have all the accessories you need depending on what you want to do with your stored power. A Power inverter will convert the 12v to mains 220v for use in domestic appliances. You can connect the battery directly to a 12v heating element to heat your water. We have a range of these elements available in our accessories page. This is our most preferred option as there are no energy losses due to inverter inefficiencies.



Wind Turbine Features:

1. Low wind speed start-up (1.3m/s), high wind power utilization, light, nice design with low vibration.
2. Easy to install and maintain.
4. Blades using reinforced glass fiber, helped with optimized structure and aerodynamic shape. It enhances wind power coefficient and power generating capacity.
5. Using patented permanent magnet generator and  stator, it effectively reduces torque resistance and guarantees the generator stability .

Power vs wind

Wind Turbine Specifications:

Model FN-800
Rated Power(w) 800w
Max Power(w) 850w
Rated Voltage(v) 12/24V
Blades length(mm) 580
Top net weight(kg) 10
Wind wheel diameter(m) 1.1
Rated wind speed(m/s) 13m/s
Start-up wind speed 1.3m/s
Survival wind speed 40m/s
generator 3 phase permanent magnet synchronous generator
Service Life More Than 20 years
Bearing HRB or for your order
Blades material nylon
Shell Material Alluminum alloy
Permanent Magnet Material Rare Earth NdFeB
Control system Electromagnet
Lubrication Lubrication Grease
Working temperature -40 to 80

Wind Turbine Package includes:

1 X Wind for turbine generator
6 X Rotor blades
1 X MPPT charge controller
1 X User manual
1 X Mounting accessories bag


All our controllers are less than 1Kw and so do not need planning permission before installation.

Additional information

Choose 12v or 24v

12 volts 800w, 24 volts 800w