Hinged Wind Turbine Pole

Wind turbine pole made in Ireland by steel fabricator Peader Fahy suitable for domestic Wind Turbines from Wind and Sun.

Standard pole is 7 metres in length but can be manufactured any length of your choosing

Large plate at the bottom with holes for concrete screws. Hinged at the base to allow the pole to be lowered for maintenance.

Manufactured using galvonised steel tubing suitable for all weather conditions.


Galvonised steel turbine designed by Wind and Sun specifically for Wind and Sun Wind Turbines made locally by steel fabricator Peader Fahey in Cappamore.



Steel Fabrication Systems


Suitable for a 4kw horizontal wind turbine 48v 150kg in weight.

It comprises of two metre length of 6 inch steel tube, reducing cone and four meters of 4 inch steel tube.

Wires from the turbine are threaded through the centre of the turbine to the bottom. There is a hinge close to the bottom of the pole that allows the turbine to be lowered for maintenance.