Battery voltage discharge protector


For any off-grid system the batteries are the most important devices to keep working properly.
If a battery is discharged beyond a certain point it will damage the battery beyond recovery.

This device ensures the battery voltage never decreases below a preset voltage. Once it reduces below the preset voltage it will automatically disconnect the load/appliance until the voltage recovers.

There is an easy to read digital display which makes programing easy.

Please note the max load is 10 amps. For loads greater than 10 amps you can use the output of this device to power a large relay. We also have relays suitable to work with this device. Please give us a call for more details.


  • OverĀ  Discharge
  • Under Voltage Protection Board.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect Module
  • Low Voltage Switch Off, Cut Off


  • Battery discharge protection module
  • Power supply voltage: DC 12 V- 36V
  • Output voltage: Equal to power supply voltage
  • Control precision: 0.1 V
  • Power consumption: Less than 1.5 W
  • Scope of application: Various storage batteries, lithium batteries
  • Size: 57 * 42 * 19 mm


1>. Automatic power off. 2>. Discharge protection. 3>. Prolong battery life.


  1. Press the (+) button once to display the Cut-Off voltage. Long Press (+) button to set this voltage
    The cut-off voltage is the voltage you want the load disconnect when the battery voltage is too low. Example 12.0 volts.
  2. Press the (-) button to display the Resume voltage. Long press to set this voltage.
    The resume voltage is the voltage you want the load to reconnect when the battery voltage is recharged. Example 12.5 volts resume voltage is set to 0.5 volts

The resume voltage is for creating a buffer (hysteresis) at the cut-off voltage point otherwise the load would be continuously turning on and off around the 12.0 volts