Solar powered PIR wireless external Driveway Alarm Siren


This Remote PIR Solar Alarm is a simple but very effective deterrent for intruders on your property. No wiring or setup necessary. Just place close to your assets ensuring the sun is in view to recharge the internal lithium Ion battery.

Once someone passes by the PIR Alarm it will sound the 129db siren along with a bright flashing light to frighten off the intruder.

The induction angle of the PIR is 110 degrees, 6 hours of sunshine will fully charge the PIR Alarm, A fully charged alarm can be used 24 hours a day for 30 days.

It is suitable for farms, villas, driveways, orchards, farms, factory and warehouses.

It is especially suitable for placement beside a home heating oil tank or other valuable assets.


1. Daytime mode (24-hour induction acoustic alarm)
2. Night mode (no daytime induction, dark induction acoustic alarm)
3. Only flashing lights during the day without sound
4. Only flashing at night without sound


Solar PIR Alarm Specifications

  • Solar panels: 5V 0.6W poly crystalline silicon
  • LED: 6 flash red lights, 1000 meters visible
  • Product Material: ABS
  • Size: 120*69mm/4.72*2.72″
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Induction Angle: Film Induction Angle 110 Degree
  • Charging Method: Solar Energy Charging
  • Alarm sound: 110 decibels (1000 meters clear)
  • Induction distance: 5-8 m/16.4-26.2 ft (affected by ambient temperature)
  • Battery parameters: 3.7V*400mAh full capacity polymer lithium battery
  • Working hours: induction 45 seconds or so sound and light alarm more than 300 times, once charged, standby for 30 days