12/24v Solar submersible water DC pump


Connect to a solar panel for pumping water from a well, pond, lake, river to a reservoir or tank for later use.

Powered by solar. The solar panel can be connected directly to the pump as the pump has an MPPT charge controller incorporated.

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Choice of

12v 200w with maximum flow rate of 2 meter cubed per hour and maximum head 35 meters

24v 370w with maximum flow rate 2 meter cubed per hour and maximum head 65 meters

48v 400w with maximum flow rate 1.8 meter cubed per hour and maximum head 100 meters

About Product DC pump

Solar DC brush-less pumps is powered by brush-less direct-current motor. The solar panel directly supplies power and automatically starts and stops. Equipped with complete electric protection system such as low voltage, high voltage, overload, overheat, jam protections and special water-proof seal as well as advanced cast iron, stainless steel etc.

The pump is gifted with superior characters: energy-saving, large flow rate, anti-rust. Whats\’s more, as it’s compact structure, modern design, convenient operation and maintenance. Solar DC brush-less series pumps is ideal for fields as agriculture, deep well water, house etc.

About solar panel

Generally, the power of a solar panel of 1 square meter is about 150W. Actually, after passing through the solar energy system, the output is about 108W, which means that it can be used around 108W. The efficiency of the system is generally about 65%, and the highest is 70%. The power generation efficiency is related to many factors such as peak sunshine, installation angle, and ambient temperature. From 9:00 am, 10:00, 11:00, the power generation efficiency is 30%. 45%, 60% up to 70% at 12 noon, and slowly down 60%, 50%, 40% in the afternoon, from 4 to 30% in the afternoon. The solar panel calculated by dividing the pump power by 70% can only have 3 to 4 hours of rated power required for the work, and the rest of the time does not meet the rated working requirements of the pump. operating hours. If the electricity consumption is divided by the power generation efficiency by 50%, the pump can be rated for 6 hours a day and 8 hours a day.

The power of the solar pump generally refers to the power required for the maximum electricity consumption. It refers to the input power of the pump, which is different from the power of other pumps. The power of other pumps is the rated power of the pump (refers to the output power of the motor). To have an efficiency is the efficiency of the motor. Under the premise of requiring the same power, the efficiency of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is high, and the solar panels used are less. In the pump selection of solar panel power, the first step is to determine the power consumption of the pump, that is, the pump input power is determined, and then divide by the solar panel’s power generation efficiency of 65% (up to 70%) or multiplied by 1.5, the result is The nominal power of the solar panels that need to be supplied to the pump. Based on the power of this solar panel, the number of solar panels to be used with how much power and how much power is used is calculated.

How to properly configure solar panels for pumps

The configuration of a reasonable solar panel for the pump mainly considers two parameters: power and voltage. Relative to the pump power, you can configure the solar panel by 1.5-2 times.

For example: If the rated power of pump is 200W, then install 300-400W solar panel is workable. If the power of the solar panel is much larger than 2 times the pump power, the pump can still work normally as long as the output voltage of the solar panel is within the safe range.

Product parameter

Built-in controller Solar DC Screw deep well Pump
NO. Model Pump Max Flow Max Head Outlet Outer
Impeller Power Voltage (M3/H) (M) (IN) (MM)
1 3SP2-35-D12-150BI Screw 200 DC12V 2 35 1″ 25
2 3SP2-65-D24-370BI Screw 370 DC24V 2 65 1″ 25
3 3S1.3-50-D24-140BI Screw 140 DC24V 1.3 50 0.75″ 76
4 3S1.6-80-D36-210LBI Screw 210 DC36V 1.6 80 0.75″ 76
4 3SP2-100-D4860-750BI Screw 750 DC48-60V 2 100 1″ 25
5 3S1.8-100-D48-400BI Screw 400 DC48V 1.8 100 0.75″ 76
8 4S3.0-60-D48-500BI Screw 500 DC48V 3 60 1″ 96
9 4S3.6-80-D48-750BI Screw 750 DC48V 3.6 80 1″ 96
Solar &. Voltage matching table
NO. Model Pump Recommend Solar 12V Battery
W DC Solar Panel Series Vmp Solar QTY Voc Series
1 3SP2-35-D12-150BI 200 DC12V 200-300W 2*1PCS 1*18V 2 PCS <32V 1*1 PCS
2 3SP2-65-D24-370BI 370 DC24V 500-750W 1*2PCS 2*30V 2 PCS <72V 1*2 PCS
3 3S1.3-50-D24-140BI 140 DC24V 200-300W 1*1PCS 1*36V 1 PCS <44V 1*2 PCS
4 3S1.6-80-D36-210LBI 210 DC36V 300-450W 1*2PCS 2*24V 2 PCS <60V 1*3 PCS
4 3SP2-100-D4860-750BI 750 DC48-60V 1000-1500W 2*2PCS 2*30V 2 PCS <72V 1*(4-5)PC
5 3S1.8-100-D48-400BI 400 DC48V 500-800W 2*2PCS 2*36V 2 PCS <96V 1*4 PCS
8 4S3.0-60-D48-500BI 500 48V 700-720W 1*3 PCS 3*24V 3 PCS <100V 1*4 PCS
9 4S3.6-80-D48-750BI 750 48V 1050W 2*2 PCS 2*36V 4 PCS <100V 1*4 PCS

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12v 200w, 24v 370w, 48v 400w