1200w 24v Combined Turbine & Solar Kit


This is the complete  Wind Turbine & Solar Panel Package comprising of a high quality Wind Turbine Generator and 6 x 100 watt Solar Panels to take advantage of both Wind and Sun natural elements. It is the perfect combination for our weather in Ireland. All you need is a battery to get you started.

The Hybrid Controller (included) controls both the Turbine and Solar Panels charging operation. It is an MPPT controller which ensures maximum efficiency while charging your batteries. It’s easy to use and reduces the complexities of older more complicated circuitry.


  1. 600 Watt Wind Turbine
  2. 600 Watt Solar comprising of 6 x 100w Panels
  3. MPPT Hybrid Wind/Sun Charge Controller.
  4. Dump Load – to dissipate excess power
  5. Extension cabling for Solar Panels

Phone us if you have any queries before or during operation.

Wind Turbine

Click on the PDF below for the full turbine information manual. This Wind Turbine is a 3 phase 600w 24v generator perfect for Irish weather conditions. Make sure the turbine is located in an elevated position away from trees or buildings to give uninterrupted laminar wind flow.

Hybrid MPPT Controller

Click on the PDF below for the full controller information manual. This hybrid controller takes away all the complicated electronics that surrounded hybrid Wind and Sun systems in the past. This one piece of equipment looks after the wind turbine, the Solar Panels and takes care of the battery charging process as well as operating the load and diverting excess energy to the Dump Load.


Recommended Battery

1)    100W Generator matches 120AH battery
(60AH x 2)
2)    200W Generator  matches 120-180AH battery
(60 or 90AH x 2)
3)    300W Generator matches 240AH battery
(120AH x 2)
4)    750W Generator matches 240AH battery
(120AH x 2)
5)   1000W Generator matches 360AH battery
(120AH x 3)