Smart WiFi Energy Meter 80A with Current Clamp


Measurement clamp with WIFI app for measuring current and voltage via the free app. No need to connect in-circuit measurement device or strip wiring. Just place the clamp over the wire you want to measure and open the app.

The APP can Display:

Hourly Elec. (KWh)
Today Elec. (KWh),
Monthly Elec. (KWh)
Yearly Elec. (KWh)
Current Ele(mA),
Current Power(W),
Current Voltage(V),
Total Ele(KWh)



Rated Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Measurable Current Range: 0.2A – 80A

WiFi Frequency:2.4GHZ

Ambient Temperature Range:-10°C ~ 55°C