Smart WiFi Energy Meter 150A with Current Clamp


Smart Bi directional Single Phase WIFi Meter with Clamp Current Sensor for measuring two-way energy consumption and generation, (“from grid” and “to grid”) up to 150 Amps

Measures Exported/imported energy from and to the grid.  Perfect for a Solar or wind system installation where you want to independently monitor what you’ve generated, what you’ve exported and what you’ve imported.

Rated Voltage: AC 200V-240V
Measuring Range: 0.1A – 150A
Accuracy Class: 1.0
Current Transformer cable diameter maximum:  φ16mm

Electricity Statistic and Quick Check Bills

1. App Monitor Current, Power, Voltage Real-time
2. Electricity Statistic by Hourly, Daily and Monthly
3. Quick check Daily Bill and Monthly Bill, Monitor your Daily monthly expenses by saving on money, energy and CO2.

In the event the network fails don’t worry there’s an internal memory that stores the energy information and this will be uploaded to the App once it comes back online.


Daily , weekly and monthly expense bills to view

You can view your daily , weekly and monthly expense bills on App anytime


Home Automation-

Create Scenes on App, when power (watts) or KWh reaches a certain value to turn on or off another tuya device

When Generated or Consumed Power or KWh Reaches a certrain Value, Let Other Tuya Device Turn On, or Turn Off

App will send a notification when Solar or PV generates power

When the consumed or generated power (watts) or KWh reaches a certain value, App will send a notification, so that you can know when the Solar or PV starts working


External Split Core Current Transformer with 1.7m cable

φ16mm, 150A
with Cable 1.7m length