ATS Dual transfer auto switch Grid to Off-Grid


Automatic Transfer Switch designed for use with Wind Turbine or Solar systems.

Set battery voltage shut off point. On a day when there is no wind or Sun and your battery goes below a set voltage device switches to mains grid power to maintain power to your home.

When batteries recover to set voltage device switches back to battery inverter voltage in 10ms.

Switches 220v at 11kw


Protects your home from blackouts due to lack of Sun on your solar panels or lack of wind for your turbine. If your battery depletes to below a set voltage this device will automatically switch your home back to the national grid or an alternative source.


  • 220v 11kw switching capability.
  • Switching time from inverter to grid 10ms
  • Switching time from grid to inverter 16ms
  • System detect voltage auto 12v/24v/48v
  • Battery Cutt-off voltage default 11v/22v/44 (adjustable)
  • Battery Low recovery default 13.5v/27v/54v (adjustable)
  • Can be used for Solar or Wind energy system or combination
  • Size 19cm x 17cm x 25cm
  • Weight 1.25kg