Replacement 600w Charge Controller


MarsRock 0-600Watt mini Wind Turbine Generator Controller IP67 Waterproof 12V/24V Automatic Controller suitable for DC and AC wind trubine for wind power system Lead acid battery, gel battery.

1. This controller can control wind turbines to charge the battery automatically .When the battery is fully charged, brake can be controlled automatically by the interior circuit. When the battery voltage drops to restore voltage level, wind turbine can automatically recover to the battery charging, so as to protect the wind turbine and the battery.

2. Voltage and current limiting are be enabled during recharging to ensure the best charging effect. Meanwhile, it provides the maximum protection to the wind turbine and battery.

3. Unique reverse connect protection circuit. For improper operation the positive and negative of battery, don’t need to replace the fuse, only to reset the positive and negative in correct point. So the whole system will be more reliable.

4. With the independent intellectual property rights of modular design, which makes the performance of the whole system to get the biggest safeguard. Rectification of this controller and braking circuit part, have adopted the company design integration module, no matter from heat, or reliability, further than the traditional design.

5. The comprehensive waterproof protection. If the controller without waterproof but used in easy ooze water environment or the humidity is heavy, then the controller is easy to be corroded and damaged. Our product adopts full seal completely waterproof design which adapt to the heavy humidity, salinity, such as ground water operational environment. The protection grade reaches the IP68 above, even in water can steadily work normally for a long time.



  1. Ensure the turbine is not allowed spin in the wind until a Charge Controller is connected to it.
  2. Ensure the Charge Controller is not connected to the Wind Turbine without first powering it up with a 12V/24V Battery.
  3. It’s always good practice to place a switch between the wires of the turbine tin order to manually brake it in case of high winds and maintenance.


1.What kinds of battery I can connect with this controller?
This controller designed for Lead-acid and GEL battery. If buyer want to use for Lithium battery, please choose other model on MARS ROCK shop/store.

2.How to know WT060M with MPPT function
WT060M with MPPT function. When wind speed will not strong enough, such as wind speed in 5-8 meter/s, through the professional equipment, we can find it can output enough voltage to charge your battery. If without this MPPT function, we can find the wind turbine sometimes is stop or in very slow running in the same wind speed, even the output current is in “0”, the voltage output is very small.

3.What different between WT060 and WT060M
WT060M with MPPT function. Especially under slow wind speed, WT060M can boost up charge voltage as high as meeting charging demand voltage. This is the most direct and effective way to increase power efficiency.

4.My wind turbine is DC output with 2 cable, how to connect with your controller?
There are 3 terminals on controller for wind turbine connecting. To DC with2 cables wind turbine, buyer can connect any 2 terminals with DC wind turbine’s cable.

5.How long is warranty?
1 years.

6.if I reverse connection with the battery, what happened?
The controller may be damaged

7.When the brake will be started?
If the wind speed is too fast even lost controller, the controller will start barking to limit the charge circuit. Or when the battery is full and not need to be charged again, it will start braking also.

8.If I can’t release the braking, how can I do?
You can release all cables connect, then re-connecting your system again. The brake will be released automatically.

9.How to extend the controller service life?

First obey the correct connecting order:
1)The wires between battery and the controller must be connected firstly
2)Then to connect the wires between wind turbine and controller
3)When connecting wires, must keep your wind turbine from spinning.