12/24v Immersion Low Voltage Heating Elements


In the past domestic wind turbines and Solar Panels were used to charge a large bank of expensive batteries which when used with a power inverter provided mains voltage 220v to your home.

However there are many inefficiencies in the above setup which leads y0u to loose faith in wind turbines and solar PVs.

A better system to utilise small domestic wind turbines to preheat your hot water cylinder. We have many types of low voltage heating elements in stock which means the power generated by the Solar / Wind energy is connected directly with your heating system with less losses due to battery banks and voltage inverters.


Stainless Steel DC 12v/24v Screw In 1 INCH BSP Solar Water Heater Element Immersion Water Heater for Wind and Solar Energy


  • Material:SUS304
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • TotalĀ Length: 220mm
  • Volt&Watt:12v/24v & 300w/600w
  • Thread:1″BSP

Note: Please ensure your source can provide enough amps to give you the desired wattage with your selected voltage

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12v 300w, 12v 600w, 24v 300w, 24v 600w